Diet Danceformation

423bigDiet Danceformation is a 6-week Breakthrough Weight Release Program!

This program explores the fundamental concepts, skills, and applications of Bodyfulness – your ability to stay positively connected to your body to maintain a joyful life which includes attaining your right weight and right relationship to food.

You will move beyond dieting to explore and develop a pain-free, fun, and powerful lifestyle practice that will point you toward your ideal.

Each 2-hour session includes cutting-edge best practices, discussion, and deep healing support.  You will be provided with online support materials including powerful audio recordings, to enhance your desired results and deepen retention.

Program Enrollment is  ON BREAK.

Space is Limited to 20 participants. Email Dina for more information and to determine if this program is a good fit for your needs.

Truth be told, Diet Danceformation is not a diet at all.  And, heads up: you will be encouraged to throw away your bathroom scale! Instead of focusing on outcomes, you will practice the art of paying attention to discover your just right responses, which will trend over time into your ideal lifestyle practice based on who you are and what your body truly needs.

Embrace and love your body and you will shape shift.  YOU get happy, and then guess what?  Good choices follow.  Your body and beauty always reflect your choices.  Heal your inner yo-yo dieter and deepen your ability to respond.

Get to the source of your emotional eating patterns and establish and maintain a good relationship with the vulnerable parts of you that have been using food as a way of coping with the ups and downs of life.  Take a giant step on the path of healing.

Learn techniques to explore conflict and gracefully speak truth so that you will no longer need to stuff your feelings. As you find your voice you can continue to use your mouth to eat rather than to swallow whole your unmet needs.

You may lose weight, and you will definitely learn to love your body more, as it is today. Increase your awareness and response-ability regarding food and eating.  Learn time-tested skills to negotiate the complexity of living inside a human experience.

You will never get recommendations about what to eat. But we will have conversations about why we eat, and where we eat from. Paradoxically, you will learn that certain foods inhibit your ability to make good choices. This experiment will unfold over time through trial and error in a supportive environment of acceptance.


The Diet Danceformation process can align us with a powerful path to lighten up the body, and soften the heart to experience more of life’s treasures. If we are experiencing any form of dis-ease, then there are life-draining lies buried in the body-mind that can be replaced by life-giving truths. There is good work to be done. We lose the lies, plumb our joy and self-resourcefulness, and release the weight on our shoulders and body. Through right dieting, which is conscious, connected eating, we find our joy and ourselves.

The symptoms of chronic overeating, obsessive dieting, mechanically tracking every morsel of food, and other forms of self-loathing are trailheads to deep heart healing. We can start with the distressing behavior, whatever it is, and look for the feeling behind it. We can follow the sensation in our bodies, close our eyes and allow our felt-sense to take us back toward the origin of these feelings. With a little help, we can become explorers on the frontier of our consciousness. We can adventure into the labyrinth of our body- mind and become our own healers.

Conscious eating can open conscious living. The Diet Danceformation program explores the fundamental concepts, skills, and applications of Bodyfulness – our ability to stay positively connected to our body to maintain a joyful and conscious life, which includes attaining our right weight and right relationship to food.

We can connect to loving-kindness while eating, and be curious when we are off track. Curiosity and compassion together create an environment where healing can begin. In the healing work that follows, we build capacity to be present to vulnerability – life’s pain and our individual pain. When we bring our suffering to love, we are transforming our bodies and our lives.

Many diets out in the world today unwittingly swap out an over-eater with an over-dieter or obsessive calorie- counter. This solution is robotic and temporary at best, and really does nothing to develop the potential of the human eating. The person may get thinner, but are no more capable of seeing their beauty or worthiness than when they were heavier.

On the other hand, an approach like Diet Danceformation, steeped in the art of listening to the body and practicing loving-kindness, facilitates a weight-release journey marked with joy and acceptance.

In living fully we often – not always – eat consciously.   I say ‘not always’ because sometimes we are going to indulge in some food that we love that doesn’t agree perfectly with us. This is part of a whole life. We can consume trigger foods consciously, fully, and without shame or guilt when we’ve been doing our work. My goal is 75% “doing the right thing” 25%…well…the other stuff. This is a Taoist idea of the middle way and is a whole response to living in a human experience. And it’s not like 25% reckless unconsciousness and we’re done. It’s more like, OK – that chocolate cake happened…was it worth it? Where was my consciousness when I was eating it? What was the feeling behind the consumption? A person with a high Bodyfulness quotient is 100% committed to expressing their emotions responsibly.

Inevitably, there will be setbacks, trials, and tribulations. There will be gain and loss. This is the Way of Things. One goal of Diet Danceformation is to provide a safe container to have the conversations of love and truth that keep us moving on our life path without shame, no matter what size we are wearing today.

Learning to listen to our bodies to attain and maintain our right weight is an act of loving-kindness. Loving-kindness can be cultivated, and is well developed in a safe community, with congruent leadership.

Together let’s evolve our emotional eating and whole-hearted living and experience our small drop in the ocean of wellbeing that’s always waiting for us in the present moment.



Dina finds a way to push back the walls of our limits…

by encouraging us to DO the impossible with our bodies,

to BE the impossible, to take back the bounce…

she encourages us to love the bits of ourselves

which we are inclined to view as error,

and then we move through them together…

Dina unleashes the most awesome forces of joy in us!

Dina has a healing presence.  I don’t believe there’s anyone more genuine or present to help support you.

Because of Diet Danceformation, my life is beginning to transform right before my eyes.

I am in such a peaceful place with my health and eating habits thanks to my work in Diet Danceformation!

“After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, ongoing transformation, and over a decade working with women in the counseling office and on the dance floor, I am convinced of the need to nurture the body and mind as one, in community.  When it comes to healing emotional eating, it takes a village!”

IMG_0670~ Dina Rose Berley
BaDi Co-Founder
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Clinically Trained Hypnotherapist

Diet Danceformation at Dance Underground – $300 for the series.