… is designed to transform your mood, your energy level, your body… your life. With our strong intention and high level of skill and training, we help people break through to a more expanded experience of living. We honor the body and craft our classes to help people unleash their greatest potential while loving themselves as is. Jump, wiggle, kick, punch, yell, laugh, and love every minute of it. Feel strong and graceful in the same moment you feel gorgeous and brave. BaDi is both rigorous, burning an average of 600 calories per class, and relaxing, ending the class in silent stretching. We hope you feel adventurous and come check us out!

BaDi Build

Work hard, play hard!  This class is for students who want to enhance their physical strength and power.  Class begins with High Intensity Interval Training and ends with a release into the fun and flow of a traditional BaDi class.  Yoga mat required.  Class by Barb Duff