Superbowl Rebel-Rousing Weekend!

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BE THE 12th WOMAN!! Come rebel-rouse with your community to support the Seattle Seahawks!Saturday 10:30 am & Sunday 1 pm Classes Superbowl High Octane Touchdown FUN! Barb and Dina may not be huge footballs fans, but one things is for sure: if our city has a chance to win big for the first time ever, we’re gonna send them some good ju-ju! Bring your team spirit and get ready to sweat! Let’s show ’em what this city is all about! See you on the dance floor! Dina + Barb and the BaDi...

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Student Love

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Dear Barb & Dina – I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am to have been introduced to your classes. The kindness, encouragement, and positivity you foster & create is amazing. I am looking forward to exercise for the first time in years. I feel both challenged & accepted by the amazing community you have developed, which is really lovely. It is wonderful to feel so welcomed despite my rudimentary ability, which I am actually looking forward (hoping) to improving over time. With sincere thanks – Beth Anne

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New Summer Hoop Classes

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Join Lyndsay for the following special summer hoop classes designed for all levels: 7/2/13 Folding & Channel Your Slow Flow.  Learn to smooth your hoop along the body fluidly. 7/9/13 Samurai Tosses & Core Spinning.  Align your upper and lower body and see where a powerful hoop dance takes you. 7/11/13 Paddling & Breaking in Core Spinning.  Curl and smear your hoop in opposite directions as it moves around your core. Regular class pricing applies.  Questions?  Email...

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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William Bouguerau’s masterwork Charity. Attention is the most basic form of love. What we pay attention to we are loving and mothering. Day by day, through our attention, we birth and nurture new worlds.

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Friends Don’t Leave Friends Behind!

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Big congratulations to community member Ingrid Elliot! She’s our April “Refer a Friend” raffle winner!   Sharing is caring and who doesn’t want to share BaDi! Refer a friend and get your name entered in our monthly raffle. You could win a 4 class package…that’s a $53 value…just for dancing with your friends! And remember, the more friends you bring, the more chances you have to...

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Plus Size What?

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Meet Alice Jackson. Once suffering from anorexia, dropping to 108 lbs at 5’9″, she is now a healthy, happy, gorgeous 154 lb lingerie model. Wait….let’s correct ourselves – gorgeous PLUS size lingerie model. One of the driving principles of the BaDi practice is to connect or re-connect with your physical self, first and foremost. Many of us have been be plagued by body images issues, dare we say, all of us. And while we here at BaDi are very happy to hear that Alice has found peace and joy being in her skin (and a career!), the industry considers her plus size??? Really???? No wonder it’s a struggle to exhibit self-love and acceptance sometimes. The good news is that every comment linked to this original post on HuffPo is something along the lines of how she’s normal and hardly “bigger” as her new-found career suggests. Maybe the fashion world is deluded but thank goodness society has some sanity. Just adhere to the great words of Mary Schmich, immortalized by the fabulous Baz Luhrmann in his 1999 release, “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”, especially these: Enjoy Your Body Use it every way you can Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it It is the greatest instrument you will ever...

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