BaDi Beyond!

Fed up with fad diets and extreme workouts that sabotage your physical and mental health?




We’ve invented the BaDi Beyond program to take a stand for a lifestyle that really works.


Want to move your BaDi B E Y O N D?


With a sustainable diet of three BaDi classes a week plus lots of care and support, you’ll experience extraordinary results!

Hook-up your future spring self with healthy skin, a brighter mood, and a lighter heart.


Sign-up and get exclusive entrance to our kick-off party catered by Seasoned in Seattle.




But wait…there’s more!


Make three classes a week and get V.I.P. access to the three m’s:



the magic word


Collect all 4 magic words and receive awesome BaDi merchandise!


And the best part…the challenge is FREE!

You can’t go wrong.


The 4 week challenge starts MARCH 15.

Sign up in-studio.


Regular class pricing applies.