About Us

Barb and Dina have been teaching dance fitness for more than a decade.   Having experienced many different movement modalities over the years, it became clear to them early on that they wanted more than just a fitness class.  BaDi is about community and relationships – dancing together nurtures a healthier and happier individual.  Come to a place where everybody knows your name and cares about you being there as much as you do!

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Barb Dishes on Dina…

“Her classes say it all when it comes to community building. Her smile, laugh, and spark encase the room with warmth and then she drops a mad beat and gets a group of otherwise calm, cool and collected women to shake what they got with no regrets. It’s truly a haven what she has created – a place where everyone and anyone can be their absolute best.

Dina has the woo in her but that doesn’t mean she is not a realist. Dina is an artist with a soft heart and a brilliant brain, a most uncommon combination. She takes her craft very seriously and it shines through her choreography and choice of music. Every move is a reflection of the mood or the intention of the artist and it is her intention that you feel it as deeply as possible.

When I take Dina’s class, I am following her on a journey. Even though the journey I am about to take and what the journey may reveal to me is unknown, I know that she has created a space for me to feel safe and enjoy the experience without judgment and with my whole heart.

Dina is a beacon. She’ll show you the way but is always open to the moment and others’ influence.

Dina has the ability to surface and nurture the things that you have tucked away without saying a word.”

Dina Dishes on Barb…

“As a leader, Barb is a clear channel of direction and focus. She’s like a groove general and we’re her posse. Students are hootin’ and hollerin’ and having the time of their lives.

She is the kind of woman you would follow into battle and always trust that she’s got your back. She’s tough and smart and talented at so many things.

Barb makes people feel seen and will always remember your name. She is a sensitive soul, way more than you might think, and it’s because of this that she’s so caring toward new people and helps them feel comfortable.

She is a person who loves the tangible, the real, the no nonsense, the body of it, the rubber meets the road, the salt of the Earth. She’ll sweat her face off and laugh her ass off.

She’s a scrapper and a true warrior and the bravest person I know. How many women do you know that could be struck by Bells Palsy, have the fright of their life, and show up to teach class immediately after, still uncertain of her face’s fate, and lead the group with the fierceness of a lioness? This one can get into the heart of the matter, push ego aside, and embody what is real and authentic and genuine in life.”

Dina and Barb are black belt instructors.

The Founders dish on Fran:

Fran is a genuinely joyful person. This woman has more training in movement arts, dance fitness, strength training and yoga then anyone we know! Warm, and friendly, she shares her vast knowledge with confidence and enthusiasm. Full of complexity, Fran can be mellow and spunky, wise and childlike, playful and persuasive, strong and soft. She’s a dancing Yogi and a powerhouse warrior. Strength and grace exemplify her movement style. With a Fran class, expect a smooth groove with pops of ecstatic energy which cool off in a deep, mystical, quiet space.

Fran is a black belt instructor.



The Founders dish on Jenna:

Jenna is our newest instructor!  She loves leotards and Janet Jackson.  You can’t help but smile every time you dance with her!  When she’s not dancing, you might find her thrift shopping or doing interior design.